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DCSEU Achieves $100M in Energy Savings for Washington, DC

The DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) has achieved $100 million in lifetime energy savings through an $18 million investment in energy efficiency and renewables, according to the Washington, DC organization's  2014 Annual Report. The DCSEU, featured here last year in,  helped DC conserve more than 60,000 MWh, … [Read more...]

Consumer Energy Behavior: Watch out Utilities, Your Customer is Changing

consumer energy behavior

What is the most disruptive force utilities face? No not solar, or energy efficiency or competitive energy supply. It's you and me, the consumer. We want to take control over our energy use, and we're getting more comfortable with the technology that let's us do that. At least that's what focus groups indicated in a qualitative study on … [Read more...]

Opower Hopes to Cut Energy Use For Millions in China

cut energy use

At roughly the same time the US and China announced plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Opower announced that it's now offering its online energy efficiency program to CLP Power Hong Kong Limited’s (CLP Power) 2.1 million residential customers. Energy efficiency is expected to be the key to meeting US/China greenhouse gas emission goals, says … [Read more...]

UTC’s Noresco Wins $43M Military Energy Performance Contract at Army’s Biggest Combat Training Center

Noresco, a unit of United Technologies Corp., has won a $43 military energy performance contract at  Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina, the U.S. Army’s largest and most active basic combat training center. The company will improve lighting, energy management control systems, central plant facilities and water systems with an eye toward … [Read more...]

Eliminating Data Uncertainties with Calibrated Building Energy Models

building energy models

By Evan Lubofsky, Onset Building energy models (BEMs), which simulate the view of energy use in a building, have been playing a more important role in building performance evaluation over the past few decades. While commonly used in building design, they can be particularly important in retrofit projects, where energy savings need to be … [Read more...]

Behavioral Demand Response: How to Really Get Homeowners to Save Energy on the Coldest (and Hottest) Days

behavioral demand response

How can utilities really get homeowners to save energy during periods of peak demand? A new study on behavioral demand response offers some surprising findings. The program cost less than traditional demand response, and yet yielded more savings – up to five percent peak reduction. Opower's Kevin Hamilton explains why in this podcast with energy … [Read more...]

From Natural Gas to Green Energy: Shaping the Wave

green energy

Converting the US to green energy is a long-term game, one that takes decades to fully achieve, creative thinking and some compromise. The Conservation Law Foundation, an organization that has helped shape forward-thinking green energy policy in New England, is offering an interesting prototype for moving from natural gas to green energy. It's … [Read more...]

The Booming Market for Off-Grid Energy in Urban Areas

blue sky energy

There's a booming market for off-grid energy that takes advantage of solar in urban areas, says Alex MeVay, president and CTO of Blue Sky Energy. Solar street lighting and solar parking meters are two examples. His company offers technology that improves by 10 to 30 percent the output of solar systems that use battery storage. … [Read more...]

When Homeowners Don’t Couple Energy Efficiency and Solar

energy efficiency and solar

How can programs motivate homeowners to make their homes energy-efficient before installing solar panels? And how can incentives support a whole-house retrofit approach that will optimize energy savings and prevent solar systems from being oversized? California, Wisconsin, New Jersey, and Austin Energy have been grappling with this challenge for … [Read more...]

Our EE Podcast Attracting Nearly 4,000 Downloads/ Podcast

EE Podcast

Our Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast is attracting nearly 4,000 downloads for its most popular podcasts. That's up to 4,000 downloads for a  single popular podcast, over a 3-month period. For example, one of the most popular podcasts, "New Technology Helps Cut Fuel Costs, Emissions, in Trucks," had 3,700 downloads in three months. You can … [Read more...]