PA Treasury Launches Public-Private Financing Program to Help Public, Nonprofit Organizations Make Advanced Energy Improvements

The Pennsylvania Treasury in Harrisburg launched a new Sustainable Energy Bond Program for municipalities, universities, schools and hospitals interested in reducing energy consumption or using alternative energy sources. The financing program, which creates a partnership between the Pennsylvania Treasury, the private sector, and nonprofit … [Read more...]

The Role that Lighting Controls Play in Microgrids

lighting controls

By Andy Wakefield, Lutron Electronics The Challenge The smart grid, a reference to the modernization of the national electricity supply system, is an automated electric power system that monitors and controls grid activities, ensuring the two-way flow of electricity and information between power plants and consumers—and all points in … [Read more...]

How Facilities Managers Can Think ‘Strategic Asset’

energy efficiency solutions

By Yaniv Vardi, Panoramic Power As facilities managers, we are experts in managing the details. We manage buildings, we manage systems, we manage people, we manage regulations, we manage maintenance schedules and workloads. But to be effective FMs, we must take a step back and look at the bigger picture. As it relates to energy efficiency … [Read more...]

App Showcases Navy’s Energy Efficiency Efforts


The US Navy wants to show off its energy efficiency efforts--and solicit ideas for new ways to save energy. It's doing all that with a new app. Rear Admiral Kevin Slates, director of energy and environmental readiness, Chief of Naval Operations Staff, describes the app and the efficiency efforts. … [Read more...]

Benefits of Frozen Water as Residential Energy Storage


Frozen water has been used in the past for commercial energy storage to reduce cooling loads. However, a new product from Ice Energy allows for residential energy storage, which provides many benefits in areas with high cooling loads. James White, owner of Ice Energy, explains the benefits of energy storage for residential customers. … [Read more...]

Three Tricks to Inspire Southern Energy Efficiency

southern energy efficiency

Let’s face it. When it comes to energy efficiency, the South seems stuck in its rocking chair on the front porch watching the Northeast and West walk by with all the savings. Time and again, southern states rank among the lowest on national energy efficiency scorecards. But that’s starting to change. And it has a lot to do with understanding … [Read more...]

Energy Storage Conference Turnout Reflects Industry Growth

energy storage conference

Energy Storage North America (ESNA) last week experienced record attendance and a sold-out exhibition floor, reflecting the growth in the industry and all the benefits of energy storage. Attending were more than 1,300 people from 26 countries, 50 exhibitors, and nearly 110 speakers. "Energy storage is a game changer for the electric power … [Read more...]

Why We Hate Monday Mornings? Philips Reveals it May be the Quality of our Lighting  


Have you ever wondered why you always hit the snooze button for an extra 15 to 30 minutes of sleep in the morning? A whitepaper by Royal Philips  has compiled insights from over 10 years of ongoing research on the effect of light on our sleep/wake cycle or circadian rhythm. It reveals that the amount and quality of light you are exposed to every … [Read more...]

How to Get Solar and Energy Efficiency to Play Nice  

solar and energy efficiency

The solar and energy efficiency industries often are seen as brethren in the clean energy cause. But in truth, they are competitors. Energy efficiency undercuts solar profits. The more efficient a home or building, the fewer solar panels it needs. As a result, it’s difficult to get solar installers to abide by the oft-stated recommendation that … [Read more...]

Utilities Should Follow This Example to Support EV Use

electric vehicle

How does NV Energy use EVs to generate new electricity sales? And what economic benefits are the company's customers reaping? In this podcast, Mike Salisbury, transportation program associate with Southwest Energy Efficiency Project describes what the company is doing right — and what's needed from states to boost EV use. … [Read more...]