AC Efficiency Standards Would Top All Others for Savings

Air conditioner standards proposed this week would achieve the greatest national energy savings of any Department of Energy standard yet, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. The federal standards would reduce commercial rooftop air conditioner energy use by about 30 percent, ACEEE said. "DOE's new standards are … [Read more...]

Obama Administration Funds $68M in Energy Efficiency and Solar; Announces Executive Actions

The Obama administration has announced $68 million in energy efficiency and renewable energy awards and a series of executive actions to advance the resources further. The grants and loans will go to 540 renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The funding comes from the USDA’s Rural Development's Rural Energy for America Program … [Read more...]

Group Fights Impulsive Removal of Efficient Building Codes & Wins

Efficient Building Code

An impulsive rollback of efficient building codes in North Carolina didn't stick for long--thanks to the efforts of the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Commission and others. In 2012, North Carolina put in place building codes that called for homes to be about 15% more efficient, said Betsy McCorkle, director of government affairs, … [Read more...]

Efficiency Companies Gain Exposure at Conference


SWSX Eco, which takes place Oct. 6-8, provides opportunities for energy efficiency companies to gain exposure to investors, utilities, and others. Chris Sonnier, producer of SXSW Eco, discusses efficiency trends that will be addressed at the conference and describes opportunities, especially for software companies. … [Read more...]

Do We Think about Energy Efficiency the Wrong Way?

energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a good thing because it cuts back on energy use and reduces our utility bills, right? True, but we limit its possibilities when we think about energy efficiency only that way. That’s the over-riding message from "Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency," a recent report by the International Energy Agency … [Read more...]

Bring on Energy Storage–With Lower Costs

ViZN energy

Craig Wilkins, chairman and founder of ViZn Energy Systems, which produces large-scale energy storage technology and just won an award from Frost & Sullivan, identifies the top challenges to bringing more energy storage online. He also discusses the top challenges for microgrid developers: integration and standardization. … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency as an Act of Protest

energy efficiency

A friend recently asked me how she can stop doing business with her electric utility as an act of protest. The utility is building a major gas transmission line that will run through pristine land. She wanted to make a statement by leaving the utility for a competitive electric supplier. It turned out that’s not an option for her – her state has … [Read more...]

Demand Response in California Gets a Big Boost From New Bill

demand response in California

Demand response in California will be considered one of the top choices for meeting the state's resource needs, thanks to the approval of a bill, SB 1414, awaiting the governor's signature. Once again, the state leads the way in energy efficiency — and hopefully, other states will follow, focusing on the many benefits of meeting load with demand … [Read more...]

New Book on Sales Skills Needed to Drive Widespread Adoption of Energy Efficiency

In Selling Energy: Inspiring Ideas That Get More Projects Approved! Mark Jewell suggests that a shortage of efficiency-focused professional selling is the missing link to mass-market adoption of energy efficiency.  Jewell and Rachel Christenson are co-founders of the San Francisco-based Efficiency Sales Professional Institute, which provides sales … [Read more...]

Big Question: How Can Microgrids Protect Us from Grid Hackers?

grid hackers

Grid hackers are hard at work trying to takedown the US electric system. The US government and private security firms report both foreign and domestic attempts are growing in frequency In the interest of advancing ‘microgrid knowledge,’ we will periodically pose a big question that’s been on our minds. Please share your expertise with our readers … [Read more...]