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Baltimore’s Landmark City Crescent Building Transformed

OpTerra Energy Services, a national energy services company, has successfully completed a project to dramatically reduce energy consumption for the landmark City Crescent Building located at 10 South Howard Street in downtown Baltimore. Employees working at the City Crescent Building will experience an increased quality of life and comfort … [Read more...]

Con Edison Looks to Distributed Energy Resources to Boost Revenue

distributed energy resources

Consolidated Edison plans to test new utility revenue streams by boosting customer use of distributed energy resources, as part of Reforming the Energy Vision (REV). Under Con Edison’s “Connected Homes” REV Demo Project, the utility wants to increase the use of distributed energy resources and energy saving products. The utility will use … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency is Still Cheaper than Building Power Plants

Energy Efficiency is still cheaper Energy efficiency is still cheaper than building a new power plant. That's the word from the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, which plans to release a report on the economics of 14 energy efficiency program administrators with particularly high energy savings. The forthcoming report finds … [Read more...]

California RFP Seeks Help with Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

The Calfornia Energy Commission is seeking a consultant team to provide technical support for its programs to increase energy efficiency in existing buildings The commission has up to $1 million available for the contract. The team will help the commission implement portions of Assembly Bill 758 (Skinner, 2008), Senate Bill 350 (de Leon, … [Read more...]

Why Do Americans Invest in Energy Efficiency?

Why Do Americans Invest in Energy Efficiency

Why do Americans invest in energy efficiency? Do they want to combat global warming, make their homes more comfortable, save money or take advantage of tax rebates? A survey of 2,100 Americans by Harris conducted for HomeServeUSA found that their top reason for investing in energy efficiency is to save money, says Myles Meehan,  a spokesman for … [Read more...]

Robots Climb Walls to Prevent Power Plant Outages

Robots Help Prevent Power Plant Outages

Everyone wants to prevent power plant outages: Utility customers  don't want to go without power. And power plant owners especially want to avoid outages because they're costly and often require them to resort to using replacement power based on dirty fuels. Enter the wall-climbing robots from Gecko Robotics. Magnetic adhesion technology allows … [Read more...]

Led by Building Efficiency, the Advanced Energy Market is Bigger than Beer

building efficiency

Building efficiency led the 8 percent growth in global advanced energy in 2015, according to a new report from the Advanced Energy Economy. "The U.S. advanced energy market hit $200 billion, nearly double the nation’s beer market, larger than pharmaceutical manufacturing, and closing in on wholesale consumer electronics," said AEE  in releasing … [Read more...]

Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance Issues RFP for Energy Efficient Refrigeration Program

The Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) is seeking assistance with its program for energy efficient refrigeration system operations and maintenance practices. The organization seeks a contractor to collaborate on its  Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association Certified Refrigeration Energy Specialist initiative. The program … [Read more...]

Largest Energy Storage Project Yet in California Schools..and other Quick Energy Efficiency News

largest energy storage

Green Charge Networks has inked a deal to install the largest energy storage project to date in a California school district, a 7.4 MWh system for San Diego's Grossmont Union High School District. The lithium battery systems will be placed at 14 sites in nine school district locations and used to target peak demand reduction. Green Charge … [Read more...]

Big Energy Efficiency Gains in Tiny Rhode Island: National Grid

energy efficiency gains in tiny Rhode Island

National Grid has seen big energy efficiency gains in tiny Rhode Island, the smallest state geographically in the U.S. In this podcast interview (click the player above), Laura Rodormer and Matthew Ray, senior strategic business analysts for National Grid, describe three programs: How customers use home energy reports A program that gets … [Read more...]