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Energy Efficiency Saves Consumers More than Shopping Around for a Better Electricity Price, says Illinois Board

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Shopping around for the best electricity price guarantees you the greatest savings, right?  Not anymore in Illinois, says the Citizens Utility Board. The non-profit watchdog group says that energy efficiency now offers greater savings potential than ditching the local utility in favor of lower-priced electricity offered by a competitive … [Read more...]

People Power Pilot Yields Up to 10 Percent Energy Savings By Changing Behavior

People Power

In a pilot program from People Power, a new mobile app, "Presence," being tested in Hawaii, is yielding surprising energy savings--9 percent to 10 percent --by motivating people to change their energy use behavior. That's nearly three times higher than the energy savings reaped by Opower's program, also designed to change consumers' behavior, … [Read more...]

Save Energy without Losing Comfort: Data Shows the Formula is Working

EIA energy savings chart1

The contemporary energy efficiency movement has promised we can save energy without compromising comfort – and that seems to be working according to new data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. American homes are getting bigger, yet we have reduced our energy intensity – a measure of energy efficiency calculated as units of energy … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency News-in-Brief: New Contracts for Constellation and Ameresco…Support for FERC Order 745 Appeal

Constellation has won a $45 million contract to provide energy efficiency, water conservation and solar photovoltaics at the Federal Correctional Complex in Coleman, Fla. The energy savings performance contract, signed with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, guarantees savings of about $79 million over 19 years. The bureau will use the savings to … [Read more...]

New York to Launch $20M Competition for Advanced Energy Projects in Five Cities

Buffalo, New York

New York plans to launch a $20 million competition for advanced energy projects in five cities -- Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse and Yonkers --  in an effort to reduce the $2.2 billion the cities spend annually on energy. The Five Cities Initiative is designed to cut city energy costs by as much as $400 million annually, lower carbon … [Read more...]

We’re Getting the Egg Boiled, But World Energy Productivity Still Soft

energy productivity

So we’re getting the egg boiled, but oh at what a cost. That’s the message from a new report that ranks countries on energy productivity. The bottom line is that the world is doing a pretty poor job when it comes to using energy as cost-effectively as possible. Issued by Philips, the “2015 Energy Productivity and Economic Prosperity Index" … [Read more...]

ARPA-E Readies Grid for Disruptive Energy Technologies; Offers $30M for Projects

ARPA-E is offering $30 million for projects that can ready the electric grid for disruptive energy technologies, with an eye toward preparing for more microgrids, renewables and distributed energy. which appear to bring both complication and benefits to the US energy system.withRenewable energy creates uncertainty and variability on the grid … [Read more...]

Major Players Work to Boost Investor Confidence in Energy Efficiency

investor confidence in energy efficiency

Several leading companies have signed on to boost investor confidence in energy efficiency through the Investor Confidence Project. Their participation is expected to ultimately increase investments in efficiency. The Environmental Defense Fund's Investor Confidence Project assembles existing standards and practices into a consistent process. … [Read more...]

The Greenest U.S. Buildings Are Where?

Greenest US Buildlings

Many of us might guess California or Massachusetts house the greenest U.S. buildings. And we’d be wrong. Illinois is number one, at least by the standard of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), which this week  ranked the top 10 states for LEED, a widely used international building rating metric. In fact, Illinois has been number one for … [Read more...]

Schneider Electric Unveils Wiser Air; Makes Move into Thinking Thermostat Market

Kitchen Wiser Air Image

Schneider Electric today made its big move into the thinking thermostat market, with release of Wiser Air, a demand-response friendly device meant to increase interaction between utilities and their customers. Announced at DistribuTech 2015 in San Diego, Wiser Air adds to the fast-growing list of products in the smart home market, which has also … [Read more...]