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GE to Channel $1B into Energy Efficiency, Generation and Storage

GE Wind Turbines. Credit: US DOE

GE plans to channel $1 billion into a new type of energy efficiency, generation and storage venture that combines financing with GE’s physical and digital capabilities. The company announced the new business Tuesday at its fourth annual Minds + Machines 2015 in San Francisco, an event focused on the industrial Internet. GE said that the new … [Read more...]

Quick Energy Efficiency News…NYC’s Big Push…First for PACE…Money in Energy Storage Tech…Brookhaven, Siemens & National Grid


Quick energy efficiency news for this week.... New York City will upgrade 20,000, or 15 percent, of its private buildings as part of its ‘Retrofit Accelerator’ program. The program, launched yesterday by Mayor Bill de Blasio, will provide resources for buildings to improve water and energy efficiency. Forty percent of the buildings will … [Read more...]

Legislation Gives California Energy Efficiency a Big Boost

California Energy Efficiency

SB 350, legislation just passed, gives California energy efficiency a big boost. It doubles the state's goal for energy efficiency in buildings, boosting the goal from 8% to about 17% by 2030, says Steven Chadima, director of California initiatives for the Advanced Energy Economy in this podcast. "The goal here for a lot of this is to see … [Read more...]

Where Do We Go Now, Energy Efficiency Community?

energy efficiency

Not so long ago compact flourescent lights were transformational. Today they are pretty much what many people pick up at the store when they need lights (unless they are buying LEDs.) So what will the next phase of energy efficiency look like? That’s the question asked and answered in a new report by the American Council for an … [Read more...]

Quick Energy Efficiency News…Demand for Green Building…Most Energy Efficient Colleges…$1.5B from Smart Parking Tech

UC Irvine's LEED-platinum certified Gross Hall is one of the most energy-efficient labs in the U.S.

New research shows the green building sector has created millions of jobs and contributed hundreds of billions to the U.S. economy, with LEED-certified building construction accounting for about 40 percent of green construction's overall 2015 GDP contribution. Aggressive growth is expected over the next four years. The 2015 Green Building … [Read more...]

Opower, Nest are Winners in Home Energy Management

Home Energy Management

Opower and Nest are leading the growing market in home energy management, says a new report by Navigant. The market sputtered at first, but gained momentum in 2014, says Neil Struther, principal research analyst with Nagivant in this podcast. "It has gained momentum because Opower, Nest, Honeywell and others have seen a fairly competitive … [Read more...]

Major Public Pension Fund Backs Index to Benchmark Industrial Energy Productivity

energy productivity

A major public pension fund is backing a new project to benchmark the energy productivity of companies – how much revenue or production they achieve for each unit of energy that they consume. The Energy Productivity Index for Companies is the first global energy productivity benchmark for listed industrial companies. The index was officially … [Read more...]

Searching for The Outlier Energy User Who Saves 8-20%

Outlier Energy User

A team of cultural anthropologists has launched a search for the outlier energy user who saves 8 to 20 percent on energy bills. The team members have identified that these energy users-- eight 8 to 10 percent of the population--are out there racking up energy savings, but are certain these people aren't just energy geeks, says Susan Mazur … [Read more...]

Quick Energy Efficiency News…Approved! Key Energy Bill in CA…Benchmarking in Seattle…Casino Goes LEED

Caesars Entertainment Ceasars Palace

Quick energy efficiency news for September 15… It’s 2030 dreamin’ for California, which passed a bill last week (SB 350) to increase reliance on renewable energy to 50 percent and double energy efficiency by 2030. Despite some setbacks, it’s a significant step in the right direction for the state, which is home to the top five most polluted … [Read more...]

Nevada Sees Triple the Projected LED Sales Due to Instant Discount

LED Sales

Participation in Nevada's energy efficiency program led to three times the projected LED sales due in large part to an "instant discount" program. "Nevada initiated the LED program in 2014 and had three times the level of participation they had planned the first year," said Howard Geller, executive director of the Southwest Energy Efficiency … [Read more...]