Discovering Energy Efficiency Innovation

energy efficiency innovation

When people think about energy efficiency innovation they often think of technology. LED lighting or the Nest thermostat come to mind. Technology innovation is cool. Who wouldn’t want to get bought by Google? And new gadgets are fun. But for energy efficiency, much of the most important innovation has nothing to do with developing new efficient … [Read more...]

No Place to Hide: Top and Bottom in Utility Energy Efficiency Ranking

utility energy efficiency ranking

If you’re a country, state, city or utility that’s wasting energy, there is no hiding it any longer. Energy efficiency advocates are increasingly slicing and dicing performance of these entities and producing rankings. The scorecards make public how well one does against the other, which serves as a powerful motivator to do better. What … [Read more...]

New York Utility Seeks Approval to Offer Microgrid Subscriptions

microgrid subscription

Central Hudson Gas & Electric is seeking approval to offer microgrid subscriptions, as part of a $46 million rate hike request filed with state regulators July 25. The New York utility would design, build and operate microgrids at the request of customers, who would pay a fee for the service on their utility bills. The fee would be … [Read more...]

International Energy Efficiency Ranking Shows How the US Shortchanges its Economy

international energy efficiency ranking

A new international energy efficiency ranking by the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy places the United States at a lowly 13 out of 16 leading world economies. There are many reasons to bemoan the finding. The US is throwing away a lot of economic opportunity. Energy is a basic economic input. Using more, where less suffices, … [Read more...]

Industry Insiders _Not_ Surprised that Utilities Like Microgrids

So it turns out that utilities like microgrids, contrary to the notion – almost lore – that they dread them as economic disruptors or technical headaches. In fact, utilities view microgrids as a business opportunity. That was the finding of a recent project that I had the pleasure of working on with the nice folks at Utility Dive, who … [Read more...]

New Federal Regulations Could Hurt HVAC, Frig Efficiency

HVAC Efficiency

Of the 88 new rules from the federal Department of Energy since 2001, 40 have been enacted in the last three years and 22 in the last year as part of the federal Climate Action Plan. That's all part of an effort to stem climate change as quickly as possible, given that Congress won't take action. While this may seem like good news for energy … [Read more...]

Leveraging Free Data for Energy Savings: Schneider Electric

Green button

Schneider Electric has teamed up with Pepco to take advantage of the Green Button Connect My Data program, which stems from the DOE's request to utilities to make available utility data to encourage innovation by third parties. While some utilities have not yet responded to the DOE request, Pepco is enthusiastically opening up its data in this … [Read more...]

Yes, States Can Cut Carbon Emissions and Boost Their Economy

cut carbon emissions

States worried about whether the EPA's new Clean Power Plan will hurt them economically can breathe a sigh of relief, says a new report. The report, from Analysis Group’s electric industry and economic experts, "EPA’s Clean Power Plan: States’ Tools for Reducing Costs & Increasing Benefits to Consumers," found that states are prepared to … [Read more...]

Schneider Electric and Green Energy Corp Team Up for Microgrid Expansion

The formation of a new duo – energy management giant Schneider Electric and software innovator Green Energy Corp – signals the growing market for microgrids in North America. The two are partnering to offer what they are describing as a  complete microgrid solution, from design, through development, construction, operation and ownership. “A … [Read more...]

DOE Seeks Tribal Energy Efficiency Projects; Offers $7M in Grants

The U.S. Department of Energy is offering up to $7 million for tribal energy efficiency, renewables, community energy and similar projects on tribal lands. Issued July 16, the request for proposals seeks projects that reduce reliance on fossil fuel and promote economic development. In particular, the RFP focuses on: Tribal Building Clean … [Read more...]