How to Get Solar and Energy Efficiency to Play Nice  

solar and energy efficiency

The solar and energy efficiency industries often are seen as brethren in the clean energy cause. But in truth, they are competitors. Energy efficiency undercuts solar profits. The more efficient a home or building, the fewer solar panels it needs. As a result, it’s difficult to get solar installers to abide by the oft-stated recommendation that … [Read more...]

Utilities Should Follow This Example to Support EV Use

electric vehicle

How does NV Energy use EVs to generate new electricity sales? And what economic benefits are the company's customers reaping? In this podcast, Mike Salisbury, transportation program associate with Southwest Energy Efficiency Project describes what the company is doing right — and what's needed from states to boost EV use. … [Read more...]

Who Pushes Community Solar Now? Utilities!

community solar

The number of community solar projects has jumped by 64 percent in just the last 18 months, says a new study by the Solar Electric Power Association. And leading the charge are, believe it or not, utilities. Utilities have or are developing 87 percent of all community solar programs now online, 60 percent of active and planned community solar … [Read more...]

We Want Access to Homeowners’ Data: Smart Grid Companies

energy data

In response to requests from smart grid companies and homeowners who want to save energy, the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association wants to make homeowner data available from utilities. Listen to the podcast with Betsy McCorkle, director of government affairs, to learn how the organization is working to make this happen. … [Read more...]

A Great Visual Retort to Michele Bachmann’s Light Bulb Attack

light bulb

Here it is at last. The best retort to Michele Bachmann’s (R-Minn.) war on the energy efficiency light bulb. When Bachmann began stumping against energy efficiency standards for light bulbs – and in support of the old-fashioned incandescent – a lot of ink got spilled by energy efficiency advocates trying to explain what she was … [Read more...]

So Much Energy Storage Data, So Much to Do with It!

energy storage data

There's a ton of data available from energy storage units, smart meters, weather forecasters, and other data producers. Ideally, this data can be used to forecast demand and weather, integrate renewable energy, shape customer usage, prevent outages, and cope with outages once they happen. But how can we integrate and analyze all this data to … [Read more...]

AC Efficiency Standards Would Top All Others for Savings

Air conditioner standards proposed this week would achieve the greatest national energy savings of any Department of Energy standard yet, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. The federal standards would reduce commercial rooftop air conditioner energy use by about 30 percent, ACEEE said. "DOE's new standards are … [Read more...]

Obama Administration Funds $68M in Energy Efficiency and Solar; Announces Executive Actions

The Obama administration has announced $68 million in energy efficiency and renewable energy awards and a series of executive actions to advance the resources further. The grants and loans will go to 540 renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The funding comes from the USDA’s Rural Development's Rural Energy for America Program … [Read more...]

Group Fights Impulsive Removal of Efficient Building Codes & Wins

Efficient Building Code

An impulsive rollback of efficient building codes in North Carolina didn't stick for long--thanks to the efforts of the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Commission and others. In 2012, North Carolina put in place building codes that called for homes to be about 15% more efficient, said Betsy McCorkle, director of government affairs, … [Read more...]

Efficiency Companies Gain Exposure at Conference


SWSX Eco, which takes place Oct. 6-8, provides opportunities for energy efficiency companies to gain exposure to investors, utilities, and others. Chris Sonnier, producer of SXSW Eco, discusses efficiency trends that will be addressed at the conference and describes opportunities, especially for software companies. … [Read more...]