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Energy Efficiency via RGGI: A Model For the Clean Power Plan

Clean Power Plan

Energy efficiency yields big benefits through the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, and states interested in lowering carbon emissions to meet the EPA's Clean Power Plan should take notice. That's the message from the Analysis Group, which has issued the results of its latest report on RGGI's past three years. Analysis didn't take into account … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Advocates See Poison Pill in Major US Energy Bill

Senate energy bill

Two leading U.S. energy efficiency organizations are not happy with a comprehensive Senate energy bill, saying that it unravels a stakeholder agreement on appliance standards for furnaces. At issue is language in The Energy Policy Modernization Act of 2015, which its backers hope will be the first major energy bill passed by Congress since 2007. … [Read more...]

Addressing the Energy-Intensive Marijuana Industry in Oregon

Energy Efficiency Incentives for Marijuana Growers

With recreational marijuana now legal in the state of Oregon, there's growing interest in how to address the energy-intensive marijuana industry. Until the state works out the details of a law -- effective July 1 -- legalizing recreational marijuana, it is now only legal to grow medical marijuana in Oregon.  But there's concern that once the … [Read more...]

Honeywell to Acquire Elster for $5.1 Billion

Honeywell has signed an agreement to acquire the Elster Division of Melrose Industries for $5.1 billion. Elster provices thermal gas solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential heating systems and gas, water, and electricity meters, including smart meters and software and data analytics solutions. The company also manufactures flow … [Read more...]

Zero Up-Front Costs for Residential Energy Efficiency Measures?

As part of New York state's Reforming the Energy Vision, Sealed is partnering with National Grid to test a proposal under which customers would pay zero up-front costs for residential energy efficiency measures. In this podcast, Andy Frank, founder and president of Sealed, explains the idea, which has been available to commercial customers for … [Read more...]

Reforming the Energy Vision and Re-thinking the Energy Bill in New York

Re-Thinking the Energy Bill

As part of New York State's Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) demonstration projects, Sealed has partnered with National Grid in a "Re-Thinking the Energy Bill" project to demonstrate better ways to bill customers for energy and energy efficiency. Under the program, customers are offered a number of options for opting into different plans, … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Creates Competitive Advantage, Companies Say

Energy Efficiency Seen as Competitive Advantage

Energy efficiency is being embraced by companies as a critical competitive advantage. What's more, many companies are generating at least a portion of their own power. Marlene Motyka, US alternative energy leader for Deloitte, gives the results of a new resources study in this podcast. The study found: 77 percent of respondents consider … [Read more...]

Quick Energy Efficiency News…Energy Savings for Maryland Multifamily…Schneider & California College First…Big Energy Storage in Illinois

quick energy efficiency news

Quick energy efficiency news for this week... Pepco and Southern Maryland Electric Cooperative have signed a contract with Energesco Solutions to provide energy and water efficiency for multifamily buildings in Maryland. Both contracts were awarded under the Commercial Multifamily Program, a newly announced energy efficiency rebate program … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Progress: What We’ve Gained in 35 Years

energy efficiency progress

You would have $2,500 less in your pocket if it weren’t for energy efficiency progress over the last 35 years in the United States. That’s one of the findings in a new report by the America Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, “Energy Efficiency in the United States: 35 Years and Counting," by Steven Nadel, Neal Elliott, and Therese … [Read more...]

Helping Consumers Understand the Value of Smart Meters

value of smart meters

Utilities understand the value of smart meters, but consumers still don't get it. Marcus Scheiber of ROC-Connect explains how to persuade consumers to adopt smart meters. As cities across the United States continue to introduce smart meters, consumer adoption and satisfaction are keys to making a successful transition to the smart grid. … [Read more...]