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Don’t Wait. Get Going Now on Microgrids and Distributed Energy, say NY Regulators

microgrids and distributed energy

Yes, the wheels of government turn slowly. But not in New York. Not this time. State regulators called on utilities and other stakeholders late last week to get to work now on microgrids and distributed energy demonstrations, rather than wait for final rules in its Reforming the Energy Vision, or REV process. REV promises to decentralize the … [Read more...]

Home Energy Management Market: No Longer Sputtering


A new report by Navigant Research found that the home energy market, after years of sputtering, is finally moving along nicely. It's not exactly a tidal wave, but it's progress, said Neil Struther, principal research analyst for Navigant. In fact, global revenue from HEM products and services is expected to grow from $846 million annually in … [Read more...]

Saving Energy in Boston: What the City’s ‘DNA’ Reveals

Saving Energy in Boston

Saving energy in Boston -- or any other city -- is less mysterious if you understand the overall DNA of its buildings, markers that show how they use electricity and heat. That’s the idea behind Retroficiency’s Building Genome Project, which today released a DNA mapping of 16,800 commercial buildings in Boston. What’s fascinating -- and … [Read more...]

When EV Charging is Too Popular, These Standards Can Help

electric vehicle charging

BC Hydro expects that in the near future, it will experience problems meeting the demand from consumers to charge their electric vehicles during peak hours. In a new project, the company has partnered with Greenlots to create standards that will allow for smart grid innovation and solutions to challenges like BC Hydro's. … [Read more...]

EPA Underestimated Energy Efficiency in the Clean Power Plan?

The Clean Power Plan, the Obama administration’s program to cut carbon dioxide emissions from existing power plants, is likely to bring dramatic change to the energy industry. How will it impact energy efficiency? The better question might be how can energy efficiency impact the plan. The Natural Resources Defense Council says that by ramping … [Read more...]

Hybrid-Electric Buildings Create Demand Response without the Sting

hybrid-electric buidlings

A California start-up is taking the sting out of demand response with what it is calling 'hybrid-electric buildings', an approach that relies on advanced batteries, software and pools of buildings. Advanced Microgrid Solutions, which recently won a contract to supply 50-MW of demand response to Southern California Edison, takes the old concept … [Read more...]

DCSEU Achieves $100M in Energy Savings for Washington, DC

The DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) has achieved $100 million in lifetime energy savings through an $18 million investment in energy efficiency and renewables, according to the Washington, DC organization's  2014 Annual Report. The DCSEU, featured here last year in,  helped DC conserve more than 60,000 MWh, … [Read more...]

Consumer Energy Behavior: Watch out Utilities, Your Customer is Changing

consumer energy behavior

What is the most disruptive force utilities face? No not solar, or energy efficiency or competitive energy supply. It's you and me, the consumer. We want to take control over our energy use, and we're getting more comfortable with the technology that lets us do that. At least that's what focus groups indicated in a qualitative study on … [Read more...]

Opower Hopes to Cut Energy Use For Millions in China

cut energy use

At roughly the same time the US and China announced plans to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Opower announced that it's now offering its online energy efficiency program to CLP Power Hong Kong Limited’s (CLP Power) 2.1 million residential customers. Energy efficiency is expected to be the key to meeting US/China greenhouse gas emission goals, says … [Read more...]

UTC’s Noresco Wins $43M Military Energy Performance Contract at Army’s Biggest Combat Training Center

Noresco, a unit of United Technologies Corp., has won a $43 military energy performance contract at  Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina, the U.S. Army’s largest and most active basic combat training center. The company will improve lighting, energy management control systems, central plant facilities and water systems with an eye toward … [Read more...]