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Is Energy Efficiency Getting Lost in all the Razzle Dazzle?

energy efficiency

We live in an age when shiny new things grab our attention. One day it's the Apple watch, the next the driverless car, and another day a robot doing something just too human. In the electric power industry, the innovation isn’t just about technology, but about policy and markets too: new ideas about making, buying and selling power, new players … [Read more...]

Saving Energy: I’ll Do it My Way

saving energy

Saving energy used to be about not forgetting to flip the switch when you left the room. But those days have gone the way of the land line and video store. Today saving energy isn’t so much about you remembering something, but your utility remembering something about you. Utilities are finally getting into the game, already figured out by … [Read more...]

What Types of Photos Inspire Energy Efficiency Investing?


When marketers try to inspire energy efficiency investing in consumers, they often choose images of the compact florescent lightbulb. But consumers make decisions based on their emotions--and it's hard to get inspired by a photo of a product. Instead, marketers need to focus on photos of people taking positive action. For example, a big photo … [Read more...]

K is for Komfort: A Better Way to Define KWh for Consumers

define kWh

Mei Shibata, of The Energy Agency, explains a better way to define kWh for consumers, an old-fashioned technique we all used in school. “We don’t sell five bags of electricity to customers,” said a utility executive during a website planning meeting a few weeks ago, expressing frustration that it is often difficult to convey the value of … [Read more...]

Energy Efficiency Products Top Homeowner Clean Energy Purchases

energy efficiency

U.S. homeowners may swoon over solar, but it’s energy efficiency products they buy, according to national survey results issued today by Clean Edge and SolarCity. Energy efficiency products account for the top five clean energy purchases households made in the past. That's the world from a poll of 1,400 randomly selected households, which was … [Read more...]

Crowdsourcing To Save Energy and Give To Needy

save energy

Saving energy is no longer just about cutting your utility costs and protecting the environment. There's another great reason to invest in energy efficiency: You can save energy and help others pay their bills. Under a fledgling program from CLEAResult and Gridmates, people can save energy in their own households and then donate the saved energy … [Read more...]

Green Bragging Rights: Cities with the Most Energy Star Buildings

Good schools, high employment and low crime used to be the bragging (or shame) points for city mayors. Now green and clean energy also tops the list. This week the Environmental Protection Agency offered up another metric for mayors to consider when comparing their energy performance to others:  How many  Energy Star buildings are within your … [Read more...]

Starbucks Misses Energy Efficiency Targets

Starbucks is having trouble meeting its goal to reduce energy use 25 percent by 2015, according to its recently issued annual sustainability report. Last year, the company improved its energy performance only 4.6 percent over its 2008 baseline, using 6.49 kWh/square foot per store in the U.S. and Canada. By comparison, the stores improved 7.1 … [Read more...]

Commonwealth Edison Bill Pushes Energy Efficiency, Microgrids, Community Solar and EVs

A bill backed by Illinois’ largest utility would bring more energy efficiency, microgrids, community solar and electric vehicles to the state, in a significant grid modernization effort. HB 3328/SB1879 allows Commonwealth Edison to expand its energy efficiency offerings to include voltage control. The move is expected to reduce energy use by up … [Read more...]

Green Homes, Energy Efficiency and Schrödinger’s Cat

green home

Melissa Baldridge, of GreenSpot Global, explains the paradoxes that trip up green home appraisers. A valuation premium for green homes and energy efficiency is a lot like Schrödinger’s cat, says a new study released by the Colorado Energy Office.  If you expect to see a high-performance home sell and appraise for more, it probably … [Read more...]