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Green Bragging Rights: Cities with the Most Energy Star Buildings

Good schools, high employment and low crime used to be the bragging (or shame) points for city mayors. Now green and clean energy also tops the list. This week the Environmental Protection Agency offered up another metric for mayors to consider when comparing their energy performance to others:  How many  Energy Star buildings are within your … [Read more...]

Starbucks Misses Energy Efficiency Targets

Starbucks is having trouble meeting its goal to reduce energy use 25 percent by 2015, according to its recently issued annual sustainability report. Last year, the company improved its energy performance only 4.6 percent over its 2008 baseline, using 6.49 kWh/square foot per store in the U.S. and Canada. By comparison, the stores improved 7.1 … [Read more...]

Commonwealth Edison Bill Pushes Energy Efficiency, Microgrids, Community Solar and EVs

A bill backed by Illinois’ largest utility would bring more energy efficiency, microgrids, community solar and electric vehicles to the state, in a significant grid modernization effort. HB 3328/SB1879 allows Commonwealth Edison to expand its energy efficiency offerings to include voltage control. The move is expected to reduce energy use by up … [Read more...]

Green Homes, Energy Efficiency and Schrödinger’s Cat

green home

Melissa Baldridge, of GreenSpot Global, explains the paradoxes that trip up green home appraisers. A valuation premium for green homes and energy efficiency is a lot like Schrödinger’s cat, says a new study released by the Colorado Energy Office.  If you expect to see a high-performance home sell and appraise for more, it probably … [Read more...]

US DOE Offers $20M for More Energy Efficient Motors and Drives

energy efficient motors

The U.S. Department of Energy is offering $20 million to develop more energy efficient motors and drives, particularly high speed equipment that uses high power-density designs and integrated power electronics. The federal agency is targeting motors and drives to help reduce the industrial sector’s $200 billion energy bill. Industrials now use … [Read more...]

What’s Hot for Energy Efficiency Investors Today?

energy efficiency investors

Bill Kingsley, managing director of EnerTech Capital, explains what energy efficiency investors look for in companies today. We interviewed Kingsley just days after the company led a $14 million round of investing into software company Blue Pillar. What do you look for in an energy efficiency company?  We want to find and invest in talented, … [Read more...]

North America Expected to Dominate Smart Grid Sensor Market: Study

smart grid sensors

North America is the center of what looks like a burgeoning market for smart grid sensors, according to a new study by IHS. The research firms sees the market roughly doubling in size every two years and reaching $350 million by 2021. The sensors offer utilities granular detection of activity on the grid and can assist in fault detection, … [Read more...]

Energy Waste Worries American Businesses Now

energy waste

It used to be pretty easy to predict America’s attitude about energy waste. The billboards everywhere that blare gasoline prices left us buoyed or dismayed about our energy prospects. And we consumed or conserved accordingly. But something has changed in the American psyche, particularly among businesses. Even though oil and natural gas prices … [Read more...]

Disruptive Energy is here…And it’s Changing Energy Efficiency Markets

energy efficiency markets

You’ve probably noticed more stories about distributed energy, energy storage, vehicle-to-grid, fuel cells and other disruptive energy technologies. These technologies aren’t always placed under the energy efficiency umbrella. But they should be. Many people think of energy efficiency as switching out light bulbs in homes, greening buildings, … [Read more...]

Getting Control Over a Building’s Electric Appetite: The Latest in Energy Monitoring

JLM Energy's Measurz Monitor

We all know the big numbers. Buildings gobble up nearly three quarters of electricity in the U.S. But to really save energy, we need to know the particulars of each building's appetite -- and control it. Hence, technologies for energy monitoring, control and automation are becoming increasingly important. The global market for wireless sensor … [Read more...]