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Best Practices for Greening Your Organization


Lisa Cohn Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast

Lisa Cohn of interviews Patrick Costello, co-author of “Data Center Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, and Carbon Offset Investment Best Practices – A Guide to Greening Your Organization’s Energy Consumption,” about the report and why its findings apply to any organization interested in greening its operations. The report is available at


Best Practices for Greening Your Organization]

Lisa Cohn About Lisa Cohn

Lisa Cohn has covered energy for more than 20 years. She is the host of Energy Energy Efficiency Markets Podcast, which has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Her energy articles have appeared in EnergyBiz, Horizon Air Magazine, Natural Home, Windpower Monthly, Mother Earth News, The Oregonian, and other regional and national publications. She has received numerous awards for her work.


  1. […] Analysts Patrick Costello and Roshni Rathi recently prepared a report for that sorts through the many options presented to companies trying to go green. The detailed analysis attempts to give direction to organizations by using examples drawn, interestingly, from information technology and telecommunication companies. These industries are known for their progressive, game-changing strategies and many have led the way in reducing energy usage and emissions in their data centers, according to Costello. […]

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